Peter Brewis announces new album, Blowdry Colossus

NOTE: Due to a slight delay in the vinyl pressing process, the Blowdry Colossus release date has been moved back to 6th October. APOLOGIES!

On 22nd September, Daylight Saving Records will release Blowdry Colossus, the new solo album by Field Music’s Peter Brewis. The record is Peter’s first solo venture since 2008’s The Week That Was and follows collaborative albums with Paul Smith (on 2014’s Frozen By Sight) and Sarah Hayes (on 2019’s You Tell Me). The album was recorded over the last year at the Field Music studio in Sunderland, and features contributions from Peter’s brother David, Sarah Hayes and Peter’s son Alexander.

The mostly-instrumental album takes cues from the knowing exotica of Yellow Magic Orchestra, the quizzical tunefulness of Thelonious Monk and the pastoral abstractions of Penguin Cafe Orchestra. And like Kraftwerk’s records of the mid and late-70s, this is synthesizer music as art music rather than dance music. But where Kraftwerk took the melodic purity of Schubert and gave it a chilly formality, on Blowdry Colossus, Peter takes the same elevation of melody and plunges it into a kind of playful chaos, heavy with rhythmic ingenuity.

“I wanted to make something where the music was the focus.” says Peter, “With songs, the lyrics tend to carry the meaning: ‘This song is about…’. I wanted the music to be the meaning – the melodies, harmonies, sounds, structures.”

The first track taken from the album is Lemoncadabra. You can hear it now on your preferred streaming service and right here. And you can pre-order the album on CD or vinyl through the Daylight Saving Records Bandcamp and at all your favourite record shops.

John Monroe & Field Music – Driving

Say hello to “Driving”, the second song from the upcoming John Monroe & Field Music EP, Songs from the Shelf. Much like opener Sleeping on the Floor, Driving takes place where nerves are frayed, sighs are deep and fingernails are bitten to the bone; a late night rant where you might hear echoes of Nilsson at his most brandy-soaked, looking for catharsis in most of the wrong places, but also finding at least a bit in the pounding of a piano’s keys.

Listen now at the Daylight Saving Records Bandcamp page, where you can also pre-order the EP.

The song should also be up on your favourite streaming service. It might be one of these:

Read about the EP here.

An introduction to…

Field Music have been around for so long now that some of you may need a quick primer. Peter Brewis, David Brewis and Andrew Moore began recording the first Field Music album in 2003 at their own makeshift studio space in Sunderland. Since then, Peter and David have amassed a large and varied back-catalogue (with occasional contributions from Andrew) both as Field Music and in various individual and collaborative guises. A select discography of work where either one or both of the brothers have been a featured artist is shown below. All of these albums were recorded and mixed by Peter and David at the Field Music studio (now onto its third iteration). For a list of non-Field Music production and engineering credits, see Productions.

2005 – Field Music / Field Music

2006 – Field Music / Write Your Own History (collection of b-sides and early recordings)

2007 – Field Music / Tones of Town

2008 – School of Language (David solo) / Sea From Shore

2008 – The Week That Was (Peter solo) / The Week That Was

2010 – Field Music / Field Music (Measure)

2012 – Field Music / Plumb

2012 – Field Music / Play… (collection of cover versions)

2014 – School of Language – Old Fears

2014 – Paul Smith and Peter Brewis – Frozen By Sight

2015 – Field Music / Music for Drifters (instrumental soundtrack to John Grierson’s pioneering documentary)

2016 – Field Music / Commontime

2018 – Field Music / Open Here

2019 – You Tell Me (Peter, with Sarah Hayes) / You Tell Me

2019 – School of Language / 45

2020 – Field Music / Making a New World

2021 – Field Music / Flat White Moon

2023 – David Brewis / The Soft Struggles

2023 – John Monroe and Field Music / Songs from the Shelf EP

2023 – Peter Brewis / Blowdry Colossus

John Monroe & Field Music – Songs from the Shelf EP

16 years in the (sporadic) making, the next release on Daylight Saving Records will be an EP culled from the songs recorded by original Field Muscateer Andrew Moore under the mysterious, inexplicable pseudonym John Monroe. Sessions for these tracks began during the infamous post-Tones of Town hiatus, and for a million and one reasons were only completed this year.

The “Songs from the Shelf” EP will be released on 30th June on trad-black vinyl and is available to buy exclusively through the DSR Bandcamp page.…/songs-from…

Listen to the first track, Sleeping on the Floor, right now: