An introduction to…

An introduction to…

Field Music have been around for so long now that some of you may need a quick primer. Peter Brewis, David Brewis and Andrew Moore began recording the first Field Music album in 2003 at their own makeshift studio space in Sunderland. Since then, Peter and David have amassed a large and varied back-catalogue (with occasional contributions from Andrew) both as Field Music and in various individual and collaborative guises. A select discography of work where either one or both of the brothers have been a featured artist is shown below. All of these albums were recorded and mixed by Peter and David at the Field Music studio (now onto its third iteration). For a list of non-Field Music production and engineering credits, see Productions.

2005 – Field Music / Field Music

2006 – Field Music / Write Your Own History (collection of b-sides and early recordings)

2007 – Field Music / Tones of Town

2008 – School of Language (David solo) / Sea From Shore

2008 – The Week That Was (Peter solo) / The Week That Was

2010 – Field Music / Field Music (Measure)

2012 – Field Music / Plumb

2012 – Field Music / Play… (collection of cover versions)

2014 – School of Language – Old Fears

2014 – Paul Smith and Peter Brewis – Frozen By Sight

2015 – Field Music / Music for Drifters (instrumental soundtrack to John Grierson’s pioneering documentary)

2016 – Field Music / Commontime

2018 – Field Music / Open Here

2019 – You Tell Me (Peter, with Sarah Hayes) / You Tell Me

2019 – School of Language / 45

2020 – Field Music / Making a New World

2021 – Field Music / Flat White Moon

2023 – David Brewis / The Soft Struggles

2023 – John Monroe and Field Music / Songs from the Shelf EP

2023 – Peter Brewis / Blowdry Colossus

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